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We appreciate your visiting our web site.  It is always fun to “click” around a new web site and ours is no different.  Go ahead–“click” anywhere and everywhere–you can’t break it.  Most of the “controls” are obvious, but here are a few we did not want you to miss.

  • Instructions for subscribing to the online edition of The Tompkinsville News can be found by “clicking” the “subscribe” selection in the upper right hand corner of the page.  There are also several “pop ups” when clicking on the paper pages that give those instructions.
  • Click on any ad and it will enlarge.  To see all ads–select “see all ads” on the bottom right hand side of the home page.
  • The small ads at the top of the home page will rotate every 10 seconds.  “View all business card ads” will let you see them all.  Click on the ad will enlarge it.  The banner ad across the top also rotates between advertisers.
  • Check out the Weather box on the top right.  Click “Radar and More” and you will get a full page of current weather faces and a 5-day forecast, from the Weather Channel.
  • Crossword puzzles can be worked online.  (It even tells you when you are right).
  • Be sure to sign up for “breaking news alerts” and you will get an email as soon as a “big news” story is posted.
  • Contact information can be found on the side menu “contact us” or at the top right side of the home page.