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Boxes provided for proper disposal of official flag

By: Terry Simpson Did you know that a flag must be burnt when it becomes too tattered to fly? Of course, this task needs to be completed in the correct way according to flag etiquette, which begins with the retirement of the flag. The United States Flag Code, Title 4, section 8 states that “The…

It’s a Pink Out

Pink — and lots of it. That is what the normally navy-blue clad Lady Falcons sported at their home softball game against the Metcalfe County Hornets on Tuesday, May 14. From their socks to the bows in their hair, with pink streaks adorning their cheeks, the girls were set to win their 20th game. Why…

Ten years and a million miles

By: Terry Simpson Roughly ten years ago a friendship was formed, and it is one of those that will go down in history as if it were marked in stone. Genealogy buffs Connie (Hughes) Goodman and Crystal (Todd) Neal met all those years ago and instantly clicked. The ladies found each other wondering if they…



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