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Red’s Rescue to the rescue

Meet Emmy Lou, one of the first rescues for the “Red’s Rescue” group of volunteers working with the newly formed Monroe County Animal Welfare Association. Emmy Lou, at just days old, was thrown into a ditch near the Cumberland River and left to die. Luckily, Sheila Gay and her husband, Dave, noticed movement in the…

Old fashion texting … Old Mulkey-style

Would you believe me if I told you there was a faster way to communicate than texting? Probably not! But it does exists. And not only does it exist, but it has been around for many years — well before anyone ever heard of a text message. Dennis Martin, Evansville, Ind., who recently visited Old…

Scenes from Saturday night at the fair



Area News

Local residents go caroling through the streets of Gamaliel

Below are scenes from a recent gathering of carolers who sang for residents in Gamaliel on Sunday night. See our Facebook page for a live video of a portion of the event and make sure to subscribe to the Tompkinsville News for the full story and others like it.    

Live Nativity held at the H.A.M Henderson Lodge recently

A live Nativity, soup and chili supper, a visit from Santa and an auction was held at the H.A.M Henderson Lodge on Saturday, Dec. 22. Below are scenes from the event. Be sure to subscribe to the Tompkinsville News to get the full stories on events such as this.

Local child has album released recently

Sometimes a lot of sound hides inside quiet little boys. When they are comfortable — it all spills out, but when meeting new people it’s not always so clear. Luke Watson is a quiet little boy, at least it seems on the surface. Yet, push him just a bit to talk about one of his…


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