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50 years – August 17 1971

Tompkinsville Lions Club presented membership awards at their recent meeting.  Recipients of the 25- year pin were Tim Chism, Dr. J, M. Downing, C.S. (Pat) Hagan, and David Walden.  Judge Ralph Hagan received the 15-year pin.

Three local farmers, John Doug Evans, Ralph Burnette, and Dewey Wilson, visited Lubbock, Texas, where they visited a feedlot with over half a million cattle; the largest meat packaging plant in the states,  and Texas-style farming in the area.  Mammoth Cave PCA sponsored the trip.

Five of the Tompkinsville Boy Scouts- David Abney,  Steve Hagan, Mike, and Kelly Carter, and James Chism – traveled with other scouts to Japan where they attended the scouts’ Jamboree and were able to tour many interesting sights in the county.  They left Japan on August 15 and arrived in Alaska on their way home on August 14,  after crossing the International Date Dateline.


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