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25 years August 22, 1996 

The Monroe County School System is in its second week of classes.  Rachel Ford, director of student personnel, reports there are 2,106 students enrolled for this school year.

Shannon Dyer, a senior, is the son of Richard and Kathy Hammer and is known locally for his singing talent.  This summer, Shannon was vacationing in Florida and was singing karaoke at a club, when a lady from Blackhawk Corp. a music promotion company, heard him and decided to give him a big chance.  He has been singing since then in clubs around Tampa, Fla. They signed him to a five-year contract and assigned him an agent.

Ida (Walden) Hayes celebrated her 105th birthday at JoAnn Foster park clubhouse in Temple Hill.  

Paul Daniels was part of the group of 1996 Kentucky Governor’s Scholars that toured Louisville sights.  The Governor’s Scholar program is attended by outstanding students throughout the state that are chosen after completing their junior year.

Modern Woodmen Camp #11658 held a matching funds event, which was a lawnmower pull,   for the Fountain Run Fire Department, and  Linda Jones,  camp secretary, presented a check to Eddie Jones, fire chief, in the amount of $3575.04

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