Tornado hits

Monday morning, just after 8 a.m., what is believed to be a tornado formed quickly and touched down in the city limits of Tompkinsville. There was NO warning. It was lightly raining  just a few minutes prior to the cloud was spotted touching down.
Emergency crews attempted to set off the tornado sirens, but they were not able to get them to activate. They notified us and asked us to post and spread the word to our 10k followers to take cover as there was no other way to get the word out.
In the matter of minutes, dispatch became flooded with calls of houses down, trees down, extensive damage throughout the City.
First responders and emergency personnel – along with a slew of volunteers with chainsaws and equipment – responded quickly to so many of the areas and calls came in within moments from all nearby counties and even further offering help.
Miraculously, it appears that there will be no serious injuries reported even when this has the potential to be so, so severe.
The clean up will continue for some time – we appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers – and offers of assistance ‚̧

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