Terry’s Social Distancing List

This week’s Terry’s List is special as most events have been postponed. I thought I would give you all some ideas of things to do at home.

Complete a puzzle

Start a journal or blog

Paint a mural on your wall or ceiling

If you have an old instrument, dust it off and practice 

Have a scavenger hunt in the back yard with your kids

Write a poem

Read a book

Clean out your car 

Clean out the fridge

Paint a picture

Watch a movie series 

Learn a foreign language through several apps available


Learn to sew, dance, cook or do other hobbies through online videos

Treat yourself to self care such as a face mask

Pull out old pictures and albums and share them with your kids

Make a charcuterie board (an assortment of meats that are paired with different accompaniments, such as toast, fruit, cheese and sauces), but you can only use foods you already have in your fridge and pantry.

Write actual letters to family and friends or write thank-you notes to service people who you remember went out of their way for you.

Learn calligraphy

Pull out the board games

Turn on the TV, mute the sound and create your own dialogue.

Organize your plastic ware lids and containers and match your socks

Clean out your closets, drawers and other storage areas 


Knit or crochet

Video chat long distance friends you may need to catch up with 

Work out 

Go for a walk 

Draw or paint a self portrait

Take a bubble bath 


Make a list of accomplishments and goals

Write a short story or get started on a novel.

Have a Pinterest challenge with the family. Everyone pick something for the others to do and then judge the creations.

Camp out or camp indoors  with blankets, popcorn and scary movies.

Do minor repairs or DIY in your home

Learn to braid or do other things with your hair 

Interview your grandparents (over the phone) and save the audio. 

Go through your pictures and make a photo book online 

Make a list of things for which you are grateful. 

Work on your financial planning

Buy gift cards from your favorite local businesses 

Write a book with your family, where each member picks a character to write a chapter about and then read aloud.

Host your own baking show with the ingredients on hand in your home

Read a book and then watch that movie

Dye your hair a new color. 

Write a play starring your friends and family and have them perform it via a video call app. 

Make lists of  museums, sporting events and concerts you want to visit when they  reopen.

Rearrange your furniture

Play cards with an actual deck 

Organize your spice rack 

Teach your dog tricks

Order furniture and time yourself putting it together

Update or write your will and organize your affairs

Have a lego challenge with your family or against your friends via facetime

Grow a beard

Attempt things such as writing or painting, with your non-dominant hand. Make a game out of it with your family 

Take an online typing course 

Learn origami and make paper gifts for your loved ones.


Spend a day speaking in pig Latin. Put the first letter at the end of the word and add ay–“ig-pay, atin-Lay.”

Deep condition your hair or put paraffin wax on your hands

Volunteer to shop for the elderly or immunocompromised 

Write a song

Play a game with your family where everyone has to move in super-slow motion. 

Learn Old English words and add them into your conversation as a game 

Learn a new word each day. Challenge yourself

Take a nap

Have a picnic

Build a fort

Prep a week’s worth of meals

Have a karaoke night

Paint your nails

Make slime

Have a bonfire

Make a bucket list

Have a Christmas in the summer movie night with hot chocolate and cookies

Pick a country and make a recipe from it and have a lunch and learn

Film your own newscast

Have a family photo shoot. Use funny clothes or props or go serious

Invent your own board game

Play charades

Have a night for each family member to showcase their talents and teach the others

Create a time capsule

Have a dance party



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