GES Students participate in Bicentennial Time Capsule project

Fifth grade students at Gamaliel Elementary, along with their teachers, community members, Mayor Bob Greer, members of the Bicentennial committee and Gamaliel Cemetery representative Chad Comer, met at the entrance to the Gamaliel Cemetery on Tuesday, Jan. 21, to bury a time capsule as part of the ongoing year-long Bicentennial celebration.
Comer, Greer, Bicentennial Committee President Eddie Headrick and fifth grade student Mia Carter, daughter of William and Stephanie Christon, spoke at the event before the capsule containing memorabilia, a copy of the Tompkinsville News, a flash drive of pictures from our time, letters from the students and more, was placed into the ground.
Comer noted that the capsule is set to be unearthed at the Monroe County Tricentennial in 2120, with instructions for the opening ceremonies in safe keeping at the Monroe County Courthouse, and laughed as he invited everyone back to the Cemetery attend.
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