Fiscal Court declares Monroe a Sanctuary County

Monroe County is now a “Sanctuary County” after a special called meeting of the Fiscal Court on Friday, Jan. 3.
Following several counties in Kentucky, Ohio and other states, Magistrates approved the resolution dealing with the second amendment of the Constitution.
Organizers of the sanctuary movement feel there is a threat to the right to bear arms as permitted in the amendment.
While the second amendment states that citizens have “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”
Members of the Fiscal Court shared their support for the second amendment and their feelings on protecting the rights of their citizens with the passage of the resolution.
County Attorney Wes Stephens  explained, “It is basically saying we support the second amendment and that the Fiscal Court is committed to Monroe County and the rights of its citizens. It means we oppose anything that goes against their rights.”
During the meeting the Court also approved a donation up to $20,000, toward the purchase of a tanker truck for the Gamaliel Fire Department.
They also approved the purchase of a jailer vehicle after the previous one was damaged in an accident.
The Court is expecting an insurance settlement for the cost of the car for about $1,500.
Jailer Doyle Fox recommended the purchase of a white Ford car with 130,000 miles for $11,800. The group approved the purchase and the use of the vehicle once the safety equipment is installed.

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