Youth group holds toy drive for others

It is that time of year again and, while most children are making their Christmas wish lists to deliver to Santa, not Jeb.
Jeb Emmert, four-year-old son of Matt and Emily Emmert, is more focused on giving away his toys. When asked what he wanted to do with his toys that he is outgrowing he replied “Give ’em away! Give them to someone who wants them them.”
Jeb is part of the youth group at Mudlick Church of Christ-West, who is focusing on the “Gift of Giving” for the month of December.
The group, ranging in ages from toddlers up to late teens, decided to gather up all of their gently loved toys and donate them to children in need. They also collected winter apparel and non-perishable food.
On Saturday, Dec. 7, they met at the middle school and set the items up for area children and their parents to browse. The kids were able to come in and view the selection, choosing their favorites to take home.
Organizer Rendi Carter noted that over 40 children were served throughout the day and she hopes to double that number next year, as this will become an annual event. She also welcomed anyone who would like to visit the church to come out to



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