Youth theater presents play

The Monroe Youth Theater held their middle school production of “Bedtime Stories” by Ed Monk, on Saturday, Nov. 23 and Sunday, Nov. 24.
Seasoned actor Evan York, who is in eighth grade and the son of Daniel and Valerie York, starred as a father forced to make up bedtime stories for his children during his wife’s absence. The crowd roared with laughter as classic fairy tale characters dealt with present day issues based on his imagination.
From a king having to get a job delivering pizza due to his gold being turned into straw to a boy who cried dinosaur, the audience seemed enthralled.
Patron Saralu White remarked on the show stating, “Oh, I loved it! It was hilarious.”
This is the first performance in the MYT for some of the children, but that was hard to believe as their talents were evident during the show.
And while past concerns had been noted by patrons of the theater with several members of the MYT graduating this year, those were put to rest as the middle school students, as well as the underclassmen of the high school helping with production, proved without a doubt that the show will go on.
— by Terry Simpson

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