World Kindness Day celebrated at MCMS

Monroe County joined in with the  celebration of World Kindness Day and World Cardigan Day on Nov. 13. Students and teachers at Monroe County Middle School participated in the day as part of a Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) “Spreading Kindness” project.
World Kindness Day and World Cardigan Day both fell on Wednesday, Nov. 13, and that was not a coincidence.
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania’s WQED station, where “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” was filmed, asked the world to join them in wearing a cardigan on Nov. 13, to honor Mr. Rogers.
Fred Rogers, the popular children’s television host, was known for his iconic red sweaters. He is remembered for promoting goodness and kindness in the world, and for appreciating everyone for who they are and recognizing each person’s special qualities. Shown are several photos of those participating in the activities at MCMS.

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