This weeks edition of the Tompkinsville News may be late getting to some subscribers

ATTENTION (and please reshare)

We have NO phones or internet after the storm yesterday at the News Office. Repair has already been notified and we are hoping we are at the top of the list for today, but please share this and let everyone know.

At this time, our fax line is still working. That number is 270-487-8839. You can also message on here as three of us have this page linked to our phones.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but also ask your patience as we try to work this out. There is a possibility the lightening hit and fried our phone system or our server. At this point we are dead in the water with the publication of our newspaper until we can access our files.

Again, please reshare and help us get the word out!

Update: We do have one phone (270-487-5576) hardwired into our direct phone line to give us access. However, our “roll over” line does not, so if you call and it just rings, you know we are on the other line and please call back. You can also call the fax line (270-487-8839) and we will try to answer it as well.
Our internet is fried with all our switches, so if you don’t hear from us on email or need something immediate, call us.

Although it is not the “worst case scenario,” it’s really bad. Our big press is down so print jobs may be delayed as well. Again, if you need something quick, call us.

On a good side, a few of our computers are good so we have a couple that are able to work, so we are pushing to get our paper out. But please understand that we may not be on time to get it mailed – but we’re trying. (Our other print equipment, screen print, laser and embroidery is good to go as well….)

Thank you guys for all your patience and understanding

Update: We have uploaded the newspaper to our printer in Elkton. Our local newpapers will still mail out from the Tville Post Office and will hit the news racks as usual. We did not meet our deadline for out out of county/state subscribers. For that we truly apologize. We have managed to make it through our day with a whole lot of team effort and hard work. For now we are functioning at minimum capacity, but we are functioning. We still have a digital press that is in working order and our plan is to move forward with our scheduled jobs. We do ask that you all be patient as we rebuild our infrastructure. As always, we are thankful for your friendship, business and support!




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