Red’s Rescue to the rescue

Meet Emmy Lou, one of the first rescues for the “Red’s Rescue” group of volunteers working with the newly formed Monroe County Animal Welfare Association.
Emmy Lou, at just days old, was thrown into a ditch near the Cumberland River and left to die.
Luckily, Sheila Gay and her husband, Dave, noticed movement in the ditch line as they headed home and found the skinny pup and took her home to care for her.
As their family routinely takes in and helps re-home strays, Sheila became one of the first Red’s Rescue volunteers and told them about the little pup.
Emmy Lou was quickly paired with John and Kathy Merrett, of Celina, Tenn., and proceeded to wrap them around her tiny paw – one of the first Red’s Rescue happy endings.
“Red’s Rescue” — named in honor of “Red the Tompkinsville maildog” — is working with the local Monroe County Fiscal Court to help place stray or abandoned animals taken in by the dog warden in either foster homes or permanent adoptive homes throughout the area.
Spearheaded by a grant from Monroe County native Gary Bowman and his wife, Julie, Red’s Rescue has also begun to be the source of information for lost and found pets in the area and has already helped reunite several animals with their families through their social media campaign.


  1. Peggy Gittings on August 6, 2019 at 9:36 am

    Such a blessed ending!! Love it!!

  2. Katherine Chapman on November 14, 2019 at 2:24 pm

    Our dog Sonny is missing for 26 hrs. He always stays close to home, I put him on face book and we have been all over our woods and driven up and down Leatherwood where we live and down Carl Page rd. As well. We are worried sick, called vet too.

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