Animal control contract approved with Allen County by Fiscal Court

Monroe County will be resolving an ongoing issue while saving thousands of dollars, Magistrates learned at a special called meeting of the Fiscal Court on Monday, July 29.
“This is one of the best things that has ever happened to the county. I am proud of the Monroe County Animal Welfare group and Red’s Rescue and all their volunteers, who have made the dog rescue program such a success,” County Judge Mitchell Page noted.
“I think three dogs found homes in the first week,” he continued.
The problem with stray and abandoned animals has been an issue they’ve been facing, but he added his appreciation for those working to help with a solution.
Page noted and recommended the Court approve a contract with the Allen County Fiscal Court to house, vet and re-home animals not able to be placed by the local group, which has just formed (see related story on this page).
The Court approved the Allen County contract at a rate of $100 per dog for any dogs which have to be taken to their facility. The contract was approved.
The plans are for the local dog warden to pick up any animals reported and they will be taken to the Solid Waste Coordinator Building (SWCB, formerly the Monroe County Jail) where they will be housed from Monday to Thursday. Page added that kennels are currently being constructed there to hold the animals while the local rescue group can disseminate information about the animals to see if they were lost/stolen and attempt to locate foster or permanent placements.
On Fridays, any animals which have not been able to be placed locally will be transported to Allen County to enter their rescue program.
If Monroe County had to build and establish a full shelter in the county, costs could run $100,000 to $150,000 a year, Page added. The estimates of the new partnership with Allen County — and the efforts of the local rescue volunteers — would be between $10,000 and $15,000.
Any dogs removed from the street would be required to be spayed or neutered, with vaccines and worming processes begun before they’re placed with foster homes or adopted families.
“Hopefully with all these folks working together, the problem will begin to be resolved,” Page said.
As with most organizations, certain procedures need to be followed, Page added.
To report stray dogs, call the Monroe County Judge-executive’s office at 270-487-5505, so the dog warden can be dispatched to see if they can locate the animal. Rescue volunteers can NOT pick up animals and are only contacted once the animal has been taken in by the County.

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