Writers in the Park event held at Old Mulkey

By: Terry Simpson

The magic of a new book is special — one shared by many of the visitors to the Writers in the Park event at Old Mulkey.
The picnic tables at Old Mulkey State Meetinghouse were lined with books such as those on Saturday, June 15, at the second annual “Writers in the Park” event.
Several local authors, including Kimberly Bartley, Connie Hughes Goodman and special last-minute guest, Linwood Montell gathered to promote their books, sign autographs, discuss tips and hopefully inspire other writers.
A “Lego Writing Workshop,” sponsored by the William B. Harlan Memorial Library was held for budding authors and National Writing Month was discussed as well.
Bowling Green resident and author Rick Ashby, who attended the event again this year, spoke about his love of writing. He noted that he came to this event hoping to encourage young writers to follow their dreams, mentioning a few youths who had made an impression on him at events such as this over the years.
He was explaining this as local fourth-grade elementary student Carrie Simpson came bounding up to him, exclaiming, “I’ve never met a real author before!”
Ashby laughed, “Well you may just be the next inspired writer I’m talking about. Do you like to write? Do you want to be an author someday?”
The student answered she liked to write paragraphs, and Ashby noted, “Well you never know, you may write a book someday long after I am no longer around and that is what I want to pass on.”
It was that kind of excitement that organizer Shelia Rush and the authors who attended the event hoped to see on Saturday. Several guests attended the event with Rush noting a much bigger turnout this year. Rush hopes that those who attended will be inspired to start their own writings.
The event was quite the success noted author Kimberly Bartley who has promoted the event and each author on her business Facebook page for the past several weeks, “It was a wonderful day and we appreciate everyone who came out. Hopefully, next year’s event will be even bigger and better.”
As Ashby noted, a decrease in electronic books has been reported in recent months and with events such as these may be the magical sensation of book reading will come back into style as children like those attending the event write in the hopes of someday becoming “real life authors.”
For more information on other events such as this, writing workshops or purchasing books by local authors, check out Bartley’s Facebook page at Author Kimberly R. Bartley or check with the William B. Harlin Memorial Library.

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