Readers’ Feature: Easter submissions

(Editor’s Note: This week on the Monroe County Press/Tompkinsville News Face Book page, we asked readers to share some of their favorite Easter memories, as well as photos from their holiday. Make sure to “like” and follow the Face Book page for more readers’ activities such as these.)

Amanda Hale: How bout a scary one? So, one night around Easter when I was 13, I was hanging out in my bedroom (a very small room which a twin size bed and dresser barely fit in). My bed sat right next to the window and I didn’t believe in blinds or curtains (because I was a rebel). I was doing homework or watching TV something mundane when I caught movement out the corner of my eye through the window… there stood the Easter Bunny — not a cute cuddly bunny, but like Pet Cemetery, the Night of the Living Dead, creepy costume Easter Bunny! It freaked me out and took me a while to get over that. I would love to know who the heck was in that costume!

Donna Howard: I remember my first church Easter egg hunt, I was probably four years old, all the kids collecting eggs they had found, and some of the adults were hollering ‘the prize egg is still to be found,’ I had no clue what a prize egg was or looked like — but I happened to look up and, in the bend of a tree limb, there was a huge egg. Of course I couldn’t reach it, but luckily I had an adult hand it to me, a big turkey egg! The prize egg! I wasn’t worried about the prize, I was just amazed at how big that egg was! I’ll never forget that day.

Sharon Conkin: One Easter, my mother got her grandchildren live baby rabbits. Yes, Live baby rabbits! The children were very happy.

Sharon Kaye Money: I miss ALL Easter events from when my kids were little. I also miss gathering as a family and friends and cooking out. Best of times.

Angelika Carmona: Last year my 5-year-old twins met the Easter rabbit. One of them looked straight into his eyes and made it clear to all the other children there was a man inside the rabbit.

Angie Ryherd-Brown: Every Easter weekend, my cousin  (Amanda Mesker Anderson) would spend Saturday night with me and go to church on Sunday mornings with us. And our mothers (Joyce & Jean) would generally dress us alike!

Chasity Pruitt: Zaylee hated the Easter bunny — or “cheese” as she called him, in reference to Chuck E. Cheese !

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