“Eggceptional” Egg Hunt held recently

Monroe County’s local radio announcer, Randy Kerr, was almost trampled recently as he stood laughing in the middle of the yard in front of the station.
As Kerr looked on, the grass on Radio Station Road was covered in colored eggs full of candy, and it was all the 4-H teen club members could do to hold Tompkinsville Elementary students back, as they awaited the announcement from 4-H Program Assistant Charolette Arnett to “GO!”
The annual “Eggceptional Egg Hunt” was hosted by KixCountry WTKY Station Manager Randy Kerr on Monday, April 15, in the front yard of the station.
The event is sponsored and organized by Monroe County Extension Homemaker clubs, 4-H clubs and the Tompkinsville Jaycees, with students from all five Monroe County schools attending the egg hunt.
Tompkinsville Elementary School (TES) was the first to arrive and the students were ready to go.
When they were finally released they ran, screaming and laughing across the yard as Kerr stepped quickly to the side, to avoid being plowed down.
The other two elementary schools, as well as the middle school and high school, waited their turn inside the Extension office.
The 4-H Teen Club members present kept the waiting students busy watching movies, playing games and eating popcorn.
Students hunting eggs outside were entertained after their hunt with games.
Kerr noted, “It’s nice to be able to step out of the office and be a kid again. I’m loving watching them. This is fun!”
After TES finished their hunt the other four schools came out for theirs.
After opening their eggs and counting up their bounty, prizes were handed out before the students returned to school.
If you would like more information about the 4-H Teen Club, the Homemaker Clubs or the Tompkinsville Jaycees, call the Extension Office at 270-487-0504.


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