Those “Bs” will sting you… Lady Falcons knock out home runs

A first home run is something you will never forget. From the crack of the bat to the roar of the crowd to that little voice inside your head screaming “RUN” it will stay with you for years.
Monroe County High School softball player freshman Brooklyn Brownlee experienced that euphoric feeling for the first time in her high school career this past weekend during a home ball game against Bowling Green on March 22.
While Brownlee is most comfortable on the pitching mound, she had recently been working “religiously,“ she said, with her father, Eric, to “pop one out of the park.”
When the crowd let loose with thrilling screams that night, Eric could be heard above everyone.
His wife, Brittany, added, “I look at my growing children and I remember. Then I watch them get older and work so hard at something…. they get beat down sometimes, sometimes they feel defeated, they struggle, but then you see them succeed after working hard. Tonight was a milestone that I will never forget.”
She continued, “Every time she worked those extra hours, she worked so hard, she cried. She would drop her head when her dad yelled for her to dig a little deeper, but she kept going and it paid off.”
Brownlee was not the only home run this weekend as fellow pitcher and junior, Brylee Pickerell, also hit her first home run of the season. The girls are both called “B” on the mound and as one observer stated, “You better watch out, those Bs will sting you!”
Brooklyn is the daughter of Eric and Brittany Cain and Brylee is the daughter of John Mark and Shannon Pickerell. The softball team is coached by Treg Turner and assistants Stefanie Tudor and Joey Emmert.
The Lady Falcons will play tonight (Thursday, March 28) at Barren County; then at Red Boiling Springs, Tenn. on Friday and back at home to begin play in the “All A” Classic on Saturday.
For more information on the softball team, watch for the Spring Sports section to be published on April 25.


Monroe County Softball players, (at left) Brylee Pickerell and Brooklyn Brownlee “high five” with a softball before the game. Photo by Penny Pickerell

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