Huge turn-out for Father Daughter Dance despite the weather


 The forecast for Saturday called for thunderstorms and heavy rains and unfortunately, that held true. Saturday morning and into the afternoon the sun shone bright, teasing those awaiting an event they had looked forward to for weeks, but by late afternoon it was pouring. Many worried the festivities would be canceled while others donned raincoats and grabbed umbrellas.

The fifth annual Father-Daughter Dance held on Saturday, March 9, at Joe Harrison Carter Elementary, with funds raised going to the Guatemala Mission Team, went on as planned with a record number of fathers and daughters in attendance. The darkened gym was a rainbow of color, sequins and glitter as each child showed off their handpicked dresses, made up faces and curled hairdos for the special occasion.

Inside the gymnasium the torrential downpour could not be heard over the music and laughter as little girls squealed, showing off their best dance moves, such as the chicken dance and the Whip and Nay Nay. Dad’s relaxed in chairs lining the walls, taking much-needed breaks between slow dances with their daughters.

For every two to three fast songs, a slow song would play, and the dads would slowly step out onto the dance floor, prying their daughters from their friends, requesting a dance. Some swooped their babies up into their arms while others lifted their girls onto their shoes allowing them to dance on their toes. One dad dipped his daughter in a dramatic dance move while another twirled his around and around the room and a third balanced two preschoolers in his arms swaying to the music.

By the end of the night it was obvious the dads were winding down, while some of the girls were just getting started and others were carried out in their fathers’ arms. It was a night that won’t soon be forgotten by all of the little girl’s attending and the fathers or father figures who seemed to enjoy the dance as much, if not more, than their dates.



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