MCMS students enjoy spring-like weather with outside learning activities

By: Terry Simpson

Monroe County Middle School Science teacher and 21st Century Site Coordinator Rendi Carter is known for innovative ideas both in and out of the classroom.
Carter, affectionately known as Mrs. Rendi to students, took advantage of the spring-like weather on Tuesday, Feb. 26, to incorporate some of those innovative outside-the-classroom ideas. Sending her students, armed with colorful chalk, on a mission to decorate the sidewalks around the front entrance of the middle school.
Carter states, “We are studying how to read graphs and charts in science class. Students were given a set of data and they had to create either a pie chart or bar graph for data.”
This project could have easily been completed inside the classroom at a desk with yellow number twos and plain white lined paper.
Instead, the finished product was not only a brightly colored mural welcoming guests to the school but an achievement for the students who each autographed their work.
Eighth-grade student Victoria Tooley exclaimed, “It was fun taking a not-so-interesting subject and turning it into an activity we could enjoy outside.”


Monroe County Middle School students, Victoria Tooley (front) and Sable Emmert enjoy their school work using chalk to draw graphs and pie charts outside the middle school.

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