Rockin’ and Rollin’

By: Terry Simpson

After a dreary cold and wet week, the rain let up for several hours on Thursday, Feb. 21, and the sun came out just in time for the Signature HealthCARE of Monroe County annual Rock ‘n Roll Jamboree held in the cafeteria of the rehabilitation center.
The sunshine filtering through the windows seemed to have uplifted the mood of the standing-room-only crowd attending.
The annual fundraiser featured an auction, a cakewalk and several contests between the residents being held throughout the day, with categories such as wheelchair racing, a walking race, a rocking chair race and the crowning of a Valentine’s Day King and Queen.
King and Queen candidates included Bennie Trobaugh, Tex Wheat, Randall Ford, Virginia Wilson, Nella Stewart and Janice Cain, with Bennie and Virginia crowned as this year’s royalty.
Rocking chair races were held as the auction began, with participants sitting in rocking chairs in front of the crowd and rocking through most of the auction. It was a tough choice — but, in the end, Annie McLerran was the winner with Iva Mae Burrus placing second and Letha Bartley and Nancy Proffitt sharing the third-place win.
Laughter could be heard all the way down the hallways as auctioneer Stevie Joe Wilson, keeping up his usual banter, sold the many donations including gift certificates to local restaurants, cakes, pies, home décor and much more.
The fun continued as residents lined up for the wheelchair race and the crowd cheered them on throughout the event.
The contest was close until the end, with Dortha Butler coming in first place. Brenda Trivett (after losing her shoes) recovered quickly, rolling right over the flip flops, and continuing her rush around the “track.”
The crowd erupted in laughter either from her unusual strategy or the narration from Wilson with Jacky Carter finishing second and Perry Petett in third.
The last race of the day was a walking race, with Dennis Gentry finishing first amid laughter and Wilson’s joke of “Turn up that oxygen and go!”
Evidently, that piece of advice was what Gentry needed as he flipped his ball cap backward and jogged his lap as the crowd cheered him on. Second place in this event went to Randall Ford, with Willie Bowman coming in third.
The day ended with a cakewalk featuring many handmade goodies from the staff and friends and families of the residents. Activities Coordinator Jane Rouse clapped and danced, drawing even more smiles and laughter from those walking around the track of paper plates hoping to win some of those goodies.
Proceeds from the Jamboree fundraiser will be split between the Relay for Life team, Millie’s Mob and the elder vacation fund for the residents.


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