Readers’ photo contest: Here comes the sun…

By: Terry Simpson

If you follow our Facebook page, you know as the rains continued to fall this past week, our readers have posted photos and jokes hoping to lighten the mood as they waited for the sun to finally appear and wondered if it ever would.
When that big ball of brightness finally peeked out from behind the clouds and the rains slowly stopped, many searched the skies for God’s promised rainbow, while we asked our readers to share with us how they enjoyed the beautiful day. We hoped to bring a smile to our community, catching up with their neighbors via social media. After all, it had been a rather depressing week and not many ventured outside their homes during the nasty weather.


Beth Collins, Glasgow, noted that while she did not have any flooding in her area, she was able to capture this breathtaking photo, stating, “A glimmer of sun in all the gloom is making me happy.”

Dyshel Thompson, Tompkinsville, shared this photo of a field of daffodils peeking through from the mud with a burst of color mimicking the sun.


Sybil and Priscilla Comer, daughters of Chad and Amy Comer, Gamaliel, played with their dog in the same type of flowers, posted by Thompson, which are popping up all over town.


Along with the blooming of the flowers came an even more precious sign of life. New babies! Several births occurred in Monroe County recently with two of our readers sharing pictures. Above, left, Lisa Warren shared a picture of she and her husband, Jeff’s first grandbaby, John Oliver Whitehead, who was born on Friday and brought home over the weekend. He is the son of Luke and Natasha Whitehead and the grandson of John and Leah Whitehead.


Another new member to our community is (above right) McCager Bennett Coe, who came into the world a little earlier than expected and is currently at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville, Tenn. He is the son of Jeb and Terin Coe of Monroe County, and the brother of Jesse and Emalynn. His picture was shared by his aunt Gabrielle Prevett, White Plains, telling what she did with her sunny day, saying, “Reunited this momma and baby! Terin was released in Glasgow and took to be with her husband Jeb and baby McCager at Vandy Children’s Hospital!”


Life continued to shine on as bright as the emerging sun with the celebration of a first birthday by Joseph Reid Rich, son of Shae and Kristie Rich, Hermitage Springs. His mom, shared a picture from his cow-themed party of the toddler digging into his birthday cake with a look of sheer joy, drawing many “likes “from our readers.


Meanwhile, another local baby, Brendalyn Madison, 20-month-old daughter of Hunter Madison and Laura Strong, was released from Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville, recovering from RSV. “We got to come home from Kosairs today! Thankful the weather cleared up, so we could make it home safe,” Laura shared with our readers.


We, at Monroe County Press, love that our readers share so much of their lives with us. We love our little community, how close-knit residents are, how they always come together in times of trouble and how they rejoice in times which the sun shines down illuminating our own little patch of Heaven on Earth-our ‘Roe.
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