MCHS students volunteer for arts and crafts activities at Signature

It was not readily apparent who was enjoying themselves more at Signature Health and Rehab on Wednesday, Feb. 13.
That afternoon, students from Monroe County High School (MCHS) helped residents with crafts in the cafeteria of the Rehab. The ladies and the girls were all smiles as they painstakingly strung beads on a chain, fashioning a necklace.
The students are part of a group organized by MCHS art teacher Jogeana Jones, who originally started the program with a grant through the school’s 21st Century Community Learning Center program SOAR, the after-school programs at county schools.
“However,” she noted, “When the grant was up, I just didn’t think it was fair. We all enjoyed the program so much and I didn’t want it to end.”
At that point, Jones kept the bonding alive by continuing with the crafting sessions using her own time and money. Unfortunately, this is Jones’ last year before she retires and she is hoping someone else will step in and keep the tradition alive.
The sessions normally have two to four students volunteering, with residents waiting patiently for their turn to paint, draw or bead as they did on that day.
Sophomore Marrisa Kerr laughed with resident Mary Wax as she explained their laughter, “I was almost finished with her necklace when I dropped it.” Beads showered down.
Marrisa started the necklace again as Creola Grindstaff shows off her finished necklace, stating, “I love mine. I may just go dancing.”
The crafting activities take place on Wednesdays just after school and last about an hour but sometimes go over.
Charolette Arnett, with the Monroe County Extension office, leads the group once a month.
Activity director Jane Vibbert laughed as the girls thanked her for the opportunity, “No, I want to thank you. The residents get more out of this than you realize.”
If you would like to volunteer your time at Signature, stop by or call for more information at 270-487-6135.


Volunteers and residents who participated in the crafting activities at Signature HealthCARE, from left, are: Jogeana Jones, art teacher at Monroe County High School, residents Joan Spears, Nancy Proffitt, Jane Rouse, activities director, Creola Grindstaff, student volunteer Marissa Simpson, residents Dorothea Butler and Janice Cain.

MCHS student Marrisa Kerr beads a necklace as residents Mamie Nell Turner, left and Mary Wax look on.

MCHS student, Marissa Simpson helps residents Letha Bartley, left, and Dorothea Butler with a craft activity.

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