Auntie Anne’s visits Tompkinsville to help 4-H Project Prom



The Auntie Anne’s food truck, known for their freshly-baked soft pretzels and flavored lemonade drinks, was in downtown Tompkinsville on Tuesday, Feb. 19. Residents and visitors to the area had the opportunity to purchase their snacks without having to drive out of town and benefit a local cause.
Auntie Anne’s is normally stationed in malls, but the company has recently expanded with their mobile units which have been to Tompkinsville twice in the past several months.
City Attorney Richard Jackson, and his wife Gretchen, decided to sponsor the fundraiser this past week, with proceeds going toward Project Prom.
“Events like these not only bring in something that we can’t get every day here in Monroe County, but also give us a chance to keep some of that money here through donations to local organizations. These groups, such as the 4-H Teen Club who organizes Project Prom, work very hard to accomplish their goals and raise funds and Gretchen and I enjoy being a small part of making that happen, “ Jackson continued.
Project Prom is an event held each year following the Monroe County High School Prom, in which students spend the night in the gymnasium, playing games, having snacks and spending quality time with classmates.
The next morning students, who stay the entire night are rewarded with a portion of the proceeds from various fund raisers throughout the year.
Any monies raised that aren’t used for decorations, prizes, food or activities are divided between participants as a reward for staying all night.
The activity was originally designed to keep students in one safe location after the prom and has been very successful over the years, with many local businesses donating food, prizes and helping out in many other ways.
Tuesday’s event was just one of those ways, with a clever “twist”, calling out to those with the salty craving.
The truck was in town from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and was very popular among locals who braved the cold to stand in the long lines outside the truck.
Jackson was proud of the patronage the lines displayed, which showed the interest of the community, stating, “The idea that started out as a campaign promotion in the fall, has now turned into a community event which gets people excited to participate in growing their group’s donations!”
Among the crowds were several students from the 4-H teen club, as well as Monroe County Extension office personnel Charolette Arnett and Susan Turner, volunteering their time and delivering orders to those at local businesses who may not have had time to wait in line.
Arnertt noted that the 4-H Teen Club appreciates everyone who came out, making it possible to raise $175 with an additional date planned for March 19.




4-H Teen Club members awaiting customers at the Auntie Anne’s food truck, from left, are: Brylee Pickerell, Hollie Harlan, Ramsey Kate Bartley, Jholdi Brooks, Noble Steenbergen, Wade Thompson, Grayson Turner, Lydia Emberton, Kiley Birge, Riley Burroughs, Landri Walden, Alison White and Dannica Gosser.

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