Local students begin “Blessing Box” program

When you look at Kynley Gee, Macy McNew, Rylee Lyons, and Tahlia Sheffield, you’ll notice they aren’t very different from other girls their age.
However, when one takes a closer look, it’s their hearts and willingness to serve others that set them apart. Their latest projects began with a conversation during their lunch period at Carter Elementary which sparked an idea which led to “Girls on a Mission.”
As Macy and Kynley chatted about how they felt bad that some students didn’t always have a snack in the afternoon, they decided to do something about it.
They approached Kynley’s mom, Ruby Gee, who is a teacher at JHC, about buying some snacks to place in her room so that they could have a supply to share with their classmates who didn’t always have something to eat during snack time.
Soon after their brainstorming session and talk with Mrs. Gee, they learned about their mission and its needs.
Many of those customers chose to take the list, shop and return to the girls with bags of supplies to donate. Others chose to give a monetary donation, while some did both. When the day ended the shoppers of the two stores helped the girls collect several buggies of supplies and $512 in donations.
Without a doubt, the girls were blessed by the sincerity of those people who took the time to help, and even a few who shed tears of pride to see these young women taking on such an honorable mission.
As soon as the day ended, the wheels had been set in motion to collaborate with the Monroe County Area Technical School and carpentry teacher Brent Steenbergen to begin work on the very first Blessing Box to be installed in Monroe County.
By the time the girls got back to school on Wednesday, a second and third Blessing Box had been sponsored by Bethlehem United Methodist Church and Granny’s Grand Goodies.
The project continues to grow, and the girls’ goal is to have one Blessing Box at every fire station in the county along with any church or other sponsorship that would like to have one in their area.
At the present time, the first box will be installed outside their school on Edmonton Road within a few days. The second will be installed near the Bethlehem United Methodist Church. As more boxes are added, that information will be released by the “Girls on a Mission.”
The girls also expressed their appreciation to Janice Short and Dean Thomas, who handmade and donated over twenty felt bags for their Homeless Kits.
If anyone is interested in sponsoring the cost of a Blessing Box, donating supplies or making a monetary donation feel free to contact sponsor, Debbie Burnett at JHC school 270-487-5621 or 270-427-7223.


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  1. Kathy Page on December 6, 2018 at 11:20 pm

    I’m so proud of these young people. They have really big hearts. My grandkids and many others do this at South Green St. Church of Christ. They feed so many. It’s a great idea that will bless many people.

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