Post Office protest held

Three protesters, armed with handmade signs pleading their cause, gathered outside the Monroe County Courthouse.
The group, which picketed the Courthouse on Monday, Oct. 8, were hoping to persuade Congressman James Comer to sponsor a bill keeping the United States Post Office as a federal entity (House Bill 993).
The members and supporters of the Kentuckiana District C Rural Carrier Union, joined postal employees across America in protest of the sale of theUnited States Post Office to a private company.
The privatization of the postal service would be detrimental to rural areas, explained Curtis Nason, Union representative and secretary for District C.
“If this proposal goes through, not only will jobs be lost but residents of rural communities could possibly not receive their mail in a timely manner,” Nason said.
In his, and other postal workers opinion, it would not be profitable, which would be a businesses’ main concern, to deliver rural mail daily.
For example, a .50 cent letter would not be worth the costs associated with the route, Curtis said. This could result in the delay of medications, disability checks and other time-sensitive materials for customers.
Those customers are the main concern for Nason and other rural carriers.
“Our customers, who have become more like friends over the years, should come first. I love the Post Office and my job and I feel it is time that I say something. We want to help, especially those with hardships. We care about the little people and a corporation may not.”
Nason continued, noting that he has been in Frankfort over the weekend looking into other options to save money. Safety issues are a consideration and he and others are doing all they can to prevent accidents and improve in that area.
The group, although small, hopes to convince the congressman to support their plea and encourages residents of Monroe County to phone his office and encourage him to sponsor this bill.



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