The Carriage House now taking reservations for rentals

Sunday afternoon may have been a bit of a dreary day, but for those attending the open house of Tompkinsville’s newest establishment, The Carriage House, it couldn’t have been more warm and welcoming.
Stepping into the cozy home filled with the smell of fresh baked cookies and other light refreshments, guests were warmly greeted by owner and operator, Ann Beth Moore.
From the beautiful hardwood staircase located just inside the front door to the tastefully decorated walls and furnishings, the place felt like a home away from home right away and left guests wishing to see more.
While the home, a two-story cream brick, black trimmed simple yet elegant structure landscaped with a small patch of grass and a rock wall along each side of the entry, may be small, it is quite cozy, and offers everything guests to Monroe County could ask for while visiting the area.


Continuing through the Carriage House, thoughts of “Tiny Homes” might enter your mind.
“Tiny Homes” are all the rage these days with Americans eliminating clutter from their lives by moving into smaller spaces and simplifying their lives. Square footage is utilized to be the most efficient for homeowners or in the case of this “tiny home,” vacationers.
While planning a vacation, for business or pleasure, what more could you want than simplicity?
The vacation home boasts a living/dining/sitting area, bathroom and a full kitchen on the bottom floor along with two bedrooms, and a half bath upstairs. A small balcony and sitting area is located just outside the bedrooms on the second floor.
Potential guests will need to keep in mind that bedrooms are located on the second story of the home and are only accessible by stairway.
However, once atop the steep stairway, guests will appreciate the unique use of space and homey touches around the rooms, such as the headboards of the beds, which are re-purposed from antique doors, and a glass bowl sink in the half bath between the rooms.
Stepping out the back door of the first bedroom onto a small balcony is a seating area where one might rest after a long day.
Mary Peden, daughter of Moore, glances out the door and reminisces of a simpler time when the small back yard contained plum and apple trees from which pies and jellies were made by her great aunt Nancy Mae Cook, a sister to Mr. Cook who lived in the apartment.
Peden, added to her mothers earlier description of the home, which was originally built in 1937 by J.C. Cook, grandfather of Moore’s husband, Carol Cook Moore, speaking of the many residents who have lived in the home since that time.
From Baptist youth and music ministers who stayed in the home during their time ministering to Monroe County, one who married an unnamed local girl, to a young man who is now a police officer in our area.
She motioned around the renovated rooms speaking of the past when the now upstairs was the only room in the home. It is hard to believe, but the two bedrooms were once one long room, separated by a partition that did not reach completely to the ceiling, separating a living area and a kitchenette.
The balcony adjoining that one long room, has a staircase leading down to the now living area of the home, once led to the only bathroom in the house.
So what was in the lower level of the home when it was built?
According to Moore, who smiles at the memory, “A 1950 Chevy. We moved here in 1973 and at that time, this room was a garage and the living area was upstairs.”
She continued on, explaining that the house had been remodeled twice since it was built. The first time being 25 or 30 years ago and this time, by she and her daughters, for her son Mark Moore to reside in.
Unfortunately, Mark passed away before moving into the home and Moore couldn’t bear for anyone else to live in the house.
At the suggestion of her daughters, she decided to turn the home into a guest suite for those vacationing in the Tompkinsville area.

“I want this to be a place where anyone can stay when they come home for a visit or for those who may be here on business,” she stated.

Moore explained that the Carriage House is best suited to single party family reservations, which begin Monday, Sept. 10, and will be taken with that in mind.
To make a reservation or for more information, call 270-407-3214.

Moore is shown below with four generations of her family, from left, (back row),  Caitlin Brown, Andrea McAlpin, Hillorey Carnahan, Leslie Ulrich, Mary Peden, (front row) Riley Brown, Ann Beth Moore and Letty Ulrich.




  1. Brenda Polivick on March 21, 2019 at 11:42 am

    We visit tomkinsville a few times a year .We would be interested in what yours rates are for 3 or 4 nights at time ?

    • Editor on March 21, 2019 at 1:46 pm

      you will need to contact them directly for that informaton

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