“Friday nights are for the birds”

By: Terry Simpson
Monroe County Falcon fans adorn themselves with many different styles of blue and white attire when they head out to support whichever choice of sport they are attending, but one woman’s shirt stood out at the high school’s first home football game of the season on Friday, Aug. 31.
The shirt proclaimed, “Friday Night is for the Birds,” and it could not have been a better motto on this particular night.
That night was really for the birds, figuratively that is, as our beloved Falcons kicked off their first game with quite a show for fans.
Among those fans was Marissa Simpson, who was showing a new student around. “The football team is so extra!,” she exclaimed, speaking slang in what some of us older folks would hear as “over the top.”
The two girls found their seats as a roar was heard in the distance and the wind picked up just a bit, perhaps leaving the new student wondering if this was the norm for her new school.
Gasps of awe could be heard from young and old alike, as a helicopter — the second “bird” of the night — Air Evac 19, landed on the 50-yard line just before kickoff, delivering the game ball to Monroe County High School Principal Max Petett.
The helicopter visit was made possible by representatives of Air Evac 19- Lafayette and Air Evac 62- Bowling Green, Lisa Jai Arnett Gore and Angie McConnell, who were present at the game offering opportunities to purchase insurance for Air Evac.
The helicopter rose back into the air as another “bird” came into view, with recent MCHS graduate, Cade McPherson, piloting his airplane over the stadium to the roar of a Falcon Frenzy.
That frenzy was building up, about to boil over, as the plane soared high above the crowd awaiting kick-off.
The excitement grew as the band, cheerleaders and pep club members, who had painted themselves in blue and white, lined up to welcome football players onto the field and through a giant banner reading, “Here comes the Boom!”
And it was quite a boom, as yet another “bird” soared high into the air exploding in an array of light and glitter.
And then, as if the helicopter… the plane… and now fireworks were not “extra” enough… a final “bird” appeared in the sky as the National Anthem rang through the night.
What at first glance appeared to be an angel shaped into the clouds threatening to spill rain onto the game at any moment, soon came better into view as a Falcon.
Yes, this may be hard to believe and you may need to use a little imagination to see, but with no editing or tricks of camera, there in the sky, watching intently, was a falcon.
From his wide wingspan stretched out to each side of his face, to the beak directly in the center, outlined by a beady eye on each side, he was there.
And while the final “bird” faded from sight after a few moments; the first bird, our MCHS Falcons, will linger in our minds throughout the season, as they celebrate a win of 20 to 14, at their first home game of the year, making this a “Friday Night for the Birds!”

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