A feel good story for Sunday

You will normally find the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department and the Tompkinsville Police Department officers hard at work just as they were Saturday, Sept. 1, during the watermelon Festival.

A ceremony honoring the officers was delayed by a few minutes as they were out serving and protecting our community right up until the last moment, as public service always come first.

The officers, which many Monroe Countians will tell you are some of the finest in the state, stood at attention for a photoshoot, proudly wearing baseball caps given in appreciation.

And while the awards were much deserved, either branch of officers will tell you they are only doing their job when commended on their service.

With this in mind a few may have been a little uncomfortable at the public recognition and while they remained humble, posing on the  courthouse steps, a bit of silliness broke out with Tompkinsville Police Officer Richard Shirley aggravating Monroe County Sherrif Dale “Frog” Ford.

The brief moment showed the crowd gathered at the courthouse that the officers are human and approachable with the mood lightened as Deputy Sherriff Mark Elam and Shirley shared a quick laugh before regaining their composure.

For the complete story on the awards ceremony and more pictures from the event, make sure to pick up a copy of the coming weeks Tompkinsville News or get your subscription today so you wont miss anything.



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