Booth spaces can still be reserved for the Monroe County Watermelon Festival on Saturday, Sept. 1.
The arts, crafts, commercial and other booths will be located back in the center of Tompkinsville’s Main Street, as they have been for several years. Booth spaces are approximately 10×10’ each.
In addition to arts and crafts, the fair includes booths selling approved commercial items as well as promotional booths. Rental for those selling only arts and crafts (handmade items) and for approved non-profit organizations is $40. Booth fee for those selling multiple commercial items is $150, with the rental fee set at $100 for commercial booths that are used for promotion only (no on-site sales) or for selling one item only.
No flea-market or yard-sale type items may be sold by exhibitors.
By special City ordinance, no food or beverages may be sold in the downtown area on Festival Day, except at Food Court booths and established restaurants, unless arrangements are made through the Festival Committee. Also, booths and downtown businesses are asked not to give out free food or beverages, since food vendors have paid for the privilege of selling these items to festival-goers.
For more information or to rent booth space, call Micheal Bowe at 270-427-0819.

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